They Bleed Pixels now available in Japanese (and English) on Playism.

We're happy to announce that They Bleed Pixels is now available fully localized into Japanese and DRM free on Playism! 

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DRM Free + Steam Key (Win/Mac/Linux)

On sale $7.99 this week!


We've had this localized version in the works with the Playism folks for a while now, but have been waiting for the Crimson Update to be complete before going forward. I worked closely with Playism, picking appropriate Japanese fonts and altering layouts to work with them and I'm honestly quite proud of the results. I think we really managed to incorporate the translated text while preserving the original typography and design, which can be a tricky balance. 

It's been an interesting process. The Japanese character sets are very different from English. Not only are most words shorter but many characters are denser, more complex and have more curves and less straight lines then the roman character set. This creates a unique challenge given much of our text layout in They Bleed Pixels was built around a blocky pixel font and a thin flowing art nouveau script. 

The solution I decided on is a mix of finding a good blocky Japanese font with a similar weight and (where it's appropriate) leaving the original English in and incorporating the Japanese text as a design element. A trick I borrowed from some of the better visual localization I've seen in manga and anime translated in the other direction. I've included a bunch of screenshots from both versions of TBP in this post for comparison. 

Japanese media has been a major influence on my art so it's been really amazing to see the reaction from fans in Japan over the last few years, some of whom I've been lucky enough to meet in person at Tokyo Game Show and Comitia.  Not to mention the amazing fan art and let's play videos they've produced! I hope this localization encourages them to give it another play-through and introduces a whole new audience to the game. 

Big thanks to the fine folks at Playism for their work localizing the text and spotting all the places where we messed up entering it into the game! I also want to the thank the Japanese fan(s) who created the unofficial translation patch that this translation replaces. There was a long period where that was the only way to play the game in Japanese. I know there are many players who were introduced to They Bleed Pixels through their work. If you're reading this, hats off!

For English speaking players this Playism version is also the first version available completely DRM free with zero Steam integration. If that's important to you or you hate online leaderboards for some reason you can now buy this version and still get a Steam key with all the bells and whistles! 

Also this week the folks at We Love Fine dropped a new They Bleed Pixels shirt featuring art by graphic designer Charles Noard! You can pick it up in both unisex and women's fitted styles in a range of colours. 

Buy They Bleed Pixels Merch on WLF

Limited Edition They Bleed Pixels Prints by Charles Noard Now Available!

Remember the great They Bleed Pixels piece from the Indie Ape show in San Francisco? Well you now have a chance to own a copy! We’ve made arrangements with the artist to do a limited run of fifty signed and numbered prints*!

$15 (plus shiping) - 10”x10” digital print

It is limited to only 50 so grab one quick!

*Signed by the artist Charles Noard, not the developers.

They Bleed Pixels & We Love Fine Team up for PAX!

Super happy to announce that we’ve teamed up with the talented folks at for PAX Prime! They’ve put together four unique designs (3 t-shirts & 1 bag) that we’ll be selling at our booth this weekend (#684 in the IndieMEGABOOTH)!

I know folks will ask and yes, we are talking about the possibility of making these available online sometime in the future but for now PAX Prime will be your only guaranteed chance to pick one of these up.

The four designs are:

Big thanks to the artists who worked on these!

More info on where to find us at PAX Prime complete with map here.

They Bleed Pixels at PAX Prime - Booth #684 In The Indie MEGABOOTH!


We’ll be at PAX Prime in Seattle this weekend (Aug 30-Sep 2, 2013) sharing a booth in the Indie MEGABOOTH with our friend Christine Love (Analogue / Hate Plus). You’ll find both of us at booth #684. I’m going to have all the They Bleed Pixels goodies we had for sale at PAX East and FanExpo as well as a selection of T-Shirts and bags created by the talented folks at We Love Fine! 

More info and bigger images of the awesome new We Love Fine stuff here.

The IndieMEGABOOTH is absolutely huge this year, check out the trailer to see all the games being shown!

 If you’re at PAX come stop by the booth and say hi!

Our boothmate Christine Love has a good post on her *very* mixed feelings attending PAX.  I’ve stated previously on twitter and I’ll state it again here that I share her sentiment and hope that over time the folks at the top of the PA empire become more sensitive to the concerns of the women, queer and trans folk that are an important part of the gaming community. 

Spooky Squid Games at Fan Expo Toronto - Aug 22-25, 2013

We’ll be at Fan Expo in Toronto from Thursday through the weekend! Come play They Bleed Pixels and pick up some rare TBP merch including the super rare Little Black Envelope Edition pictured above!

We’re booth #2042 right across from Ubisoft in the South Building by a clump of other indie game folks including Capy, Christine Love, Onipunks, DMG Toronto and Bento Miso

More info on Fan Expo Here -

We’ll also be stateside at PAX PRIME the weekend after. More info soon!