Screenshots and Trailers

A wide variety of screenshots and trailers including some very early footage of They Bleed Pixels which will be of interest to anyone wanting to know more about the process behind the game's creation.

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#6 - The Crimson Update - Mac/Linux Trailer
The dark occult origins of The Crimson Update revealed!

#5 - Launch Trailer - August 2012
An overview of all of TBP's features and extras.

Trailer #4 - Countdown Trailer - August 2012
Counting down to Launch August 29th 2012

Trailer #3 - PC / Steam Announcement - August 2012
Announcing our move to PC on Steam!

Early Development Trailers Preview Footage - October 2011
A short bit of new game footage we put together for a hands on preview

Trailer #2 - Unlockable Guest Levels! - September 2011
We added lots of new content over the summer. Plus we announce guest levels by other game designers.

Debut Trailer - July 2011
The debut trailer, lots of polish done since this was created.

Gamercamp - Teaser - November 2010
Sneak peak of a very early build shown at Gamercamp Level 2. What a difference 2 years of development make!