Guest Artist Wallpapers

We asked over a dozen artists from comics, games, animation, costuming and photography to create their own personal interpretation of the world of They Bleed Pixels. These desktop wallpapers showcase the results!

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Rosemary Brennan -

Rosemary Brennan spends her days making games look pretty in Toronto, Ontario. When she isn't doing that she is selling her personal work at conventions and correcting the boys from Guys With Pencils on the podcast, which is often needed. She likes cats, ponies and pixels.

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Edward Chee -

Ed is a traditionally trained artist and avid gamer... His proudest moment EVER was in 2011, when he combined both of these passions into a solo art exhibit entitled, 'Plein-air in my Pocket' -- in which he exhibited over 100 portraits and landscapes - painted entirely on the Nintendo DS!

Ed is currently residing in Vancouver, BC and is a Storyboard Artist working in the animation industry on a yet-to-be announced television series to be aired in 2013.

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Matt Hammill -

Matt Hammill is an award-winning animator, illustrator and game designer, and is the creator of the hit iOS game "Gesundheit!". He is based in Toronto, Canada.

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Paul Hillier -

When not battling the forces of Photoshop, Paul Hillier can be seen in the field, camera in hand stalking opportunity. A collection of his conquests can be seen on display at

Photographer: Paul Hillier
Model: Krystle Tabujara
Make Up Artist: Larissa Palaszczuk
Costume Design: Stacy King
Prop Design: Carl Penny
Special thanks to Matt and Marika


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Adam Hines -

Adam Hines is an animator working in Toronto. He does his best to earn the title workaholic by keeping busy on
several side projects including the podcast Guys With Pencils. Adam also likes to dream, mostly of creating something wonderful and being your friend.

note: this piece was drawn based on some of the earliest sprites for They Bleed Pixels and was the inspiration for organzing the rest of this guest art.


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Natasha Heines (Doll) -

Natasha Heines spent much of the past decade working in costuming, and was the craftsperson at Indiana Repertory Theatre for four seasons. She is convinced that "anything can be a hat." She is currently pursuing an MFA in Textiles at Indiana University of Bloomington, where she was awarded a Tanner Fellowship.

Paul Hillier (Photo) -

When not battling the forces of Photoshop, Paul Hillier can be seen in the field, camera in hand stalking opportunity. A collection of his conquests can be seen on display at

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Eric Kim -

Eric Kim began his career in comics with Love as a Foreign Language from Oni Press.He also illustrated Degrassi: The Next Generation Vol. 3, created the comic strip series Battle Academy, The Sidesteppers (appearing in Owl Magazine), and Streta, which is currently being showcased on TX Comics. Future projects include Billy Smoke with B. Clay Moore, to be published by Oni Press.


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Benjamin Kerslake -

Benjamin is a lapsed illustrator that embraced full time game development. He currently resides in China where he's worked as a combination artist, designer and director for going on five years.

His present labor of love is an ARPG with a Japanese twist by way of Red Riding Hood. It is called Akaneiro: Demon Hunters.


John Martz -

John Martz is a cartoonist and illustrator living in Toronto. His comics appear regularly in The Globe and Mail, and his comic book Heaven All Day was the recipient of a Xeric Grant and the 2011 Gene Day Award for self publishing. He is currently working on several longer form comics. His first illustrated picture book, Dear Flyary, written by Dianne Young, was published by Kids Can Press in March, 2011.

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Luis Melo -

Luis was born in Lisbon, Portugal. and he learned digital illustration online, in graphic artists communities. His professional work is mostly related to videogame concept art, although he's looking to do more work in other media. He moved to Shanghai in 2009 to work on Alice: Madness Returns, and now he's back in Lisbon, freelancing and working on personal projects.

Other than drawing, he likes to cook spicy food and play congas, and also doubles as a Funk DJ called Evarisco, because he believes shaking booty is an important part of life..


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Benjamin Rivers -

Benjamin Rivers is a designer, game-maker and teacher living in Toronto. His recent horror game, Home, was released on PC to critical acclaim, and will totally freak you out, man.


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Mara Sternberg -

Mara is a Toronto-based comic artist and author, and a freelance illustrator. She also moonlights as a model with The Keyhole Sessions, and a paste-up graffiti artist.

Mara's comics have been published in several anthologies and she has exhibited at numerous art and comic shows. She is currently organizing an anthology of comics by survivors of sexual violence at, and finishing a book of her own work. She lives in Kensington Market with her mutt River and her cat Tom Waits.

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Kyla Vanderklugt -

Kyla works as an illustrator and comic artist out of a small shack on a farm in rural Ontario. Much of her spare time is taken up by playing video games and making drawings about them. Recently she has made comics for Flight Volume Eight and for Spera Volumes I and II.

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Ken Wong -

Ken Wong is currently a digital hobo. He splits his time between freelancing as an illustrator and his first independent game, Hackycat. His fondest memories of bleeding pixels are for Street Fighter, in various flavours; and Mario, where the pixels generally squish rather than bleed. You can find more of his art at or find Hackycat on Facebook.

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Jim Zub -

Jim Zub is a writer, artist and art instructor based in Toronto, Canada. Over the past ten years he’s worked for a diverse array of publishing, movie and video game clients including Disney, Warner Bros., Capcom, Hasbro, Bandai-Namco and Mattel.

He juggles his time between being a Project Manager for UDON Entertainment and Program Coordinator for Seneca College‘s award-winning Animation program.

His current projects include Makeshift Miracle, a modern day fable, Skullkickers, a sword & sorcery action-comedy and Sky Kid, a World War I-era biplane adventure with anthropomorphic animals.