More They Bleed Pixels Cosplay!


Seriously folks, seeing people dress up as the Clawed Girl from They Bleed Pixels keeps blowing me away! I feel like it’s on of the highest complements to have someone take the time and effort to create a costume and dress up as your character. So Great!


The Clawed Girl finished

Limited Edition They Bleed Pixels Prints by Charles Noard Now Available!

Remember the great They Bleed Pixels piece from the Indie Ape show in San Francisco? Well you now have a chance to own a copy! We’ve made arrangements with the artist to do a limited run of fifty signed and numbered prints*!

$15 (plus shiping) - 10”x10” digital print

It is limited to only 50 so grab one quick!

*Signed by the artist Charles Noard, not the developers.

Someone made the They Bleed Pixels dress in Animal Crossing!

Thanks to reddit user rocan91 for creating this awesome version of the TBP dress. I had been planning on borrowing a friend’s 3DS to try making one myself but it looks like rocan91 did a great job! I’d love to see some screenshots of folks wearing it so I can see how it looks in game.

Note: You probably need to click on the image and view it full size to get the QR codes to work properly

Oh and a reminder we’re selling TBP super cheap on Steam for the next week or so!

So I spent a little time this weekend messing around with Saint Row 3’s character creation stuff...

Cross posting this from our FB page:

So I spent a little time this weekend messing around with Saint Row 3’s character creation stuff and created a pretty credible likeness of the They Bleed Pixels girl. SR3 is not really my thing but the customization and online sharing tools are pretty great.

If you want to run around Steelport as the Clawed Girl here’s a link to her on

Someone has also made some sweet TBP Minecraft skins that I posted awhile back:

Anyone tried recreating her in other games?