Development Video #3 - Shorter, Faster... Better?

Here's the first of this month's development videos.  It focuses  on a new plant we've added called the 'perennial-screamer', for reasons that will become obvious when you watch the video.

As I mentioned last post we're trying something new, cutting down the length of the  individual videos and posting two development videos a month instead of one.  I also experimented with zooming in and cutting the game footage so that it's hopefully a bit clearer what's going on.   So while it looks pretty chunky and old school the game actually runs at 1024x768.

If you want to see a sharp version of  the new art in this video, I'd recommend checking out the previously mentioned  T.O.Jam posting about the game.  It shows off the over the top statue of General Bauhaus, a perennial-screamer and a useful flower who's identity has yet to be revealed, though fans of obscure flora may notice a certain resemblance to a real life flower.