T.O.Jam preview image.

The Toronto Games Jam blog has a new post about Guerrilla Gardening  with a brand new image that gives a little sneak peak of some things to come.   If you want to see it you'll have to Click the Link! T.O.Jam is a yearly event where local Toronto programmers, artists, musicians and sound designers meet up, form small teams and try to make finished games in a single weekend.  It's been running for three years and last year's was the second largest game Jam ever and the largest game jam to this day with a dairy based theme.  There are a ton of interesting fun games to check out from all three years, all free to download and play so it's well worth browsing around.  If you are local to Toronto and three days of back breaking game making labour sounds like fun the next T.O.Jam is set for sometime in May.

I'll be posting our next development video up Sunday night right on schedule, unless I'm set upon by wolves (a constant danger in the wastelands of urban Canada).  Based on feedback we're going to try something a little different, next weeks video will be shorter  and I'll be posting a second one half way through the month.  So you'll get the same amount of content as before but more often and in bite sized chunks.