First Glimpse of Final Artwork

Mockup of final game artwork.

I've been busy creating a mockup of what we want the final artwork in the game to look like and I thought I'd share a small section.

I decided to make the city grey and a little run down, this gives us a believable excuse for adding chunks of plantable ground anywhere on the map, and also provides solid contrast between the dull city environment and bright colourful plants.  It was important to give some visual impact to Molly's guerrilla gardening efforts.   If the city was already very colourful there wouldn't be much difference between a level before and after Molly has run through throwing seeds.  This way you know you've made a real difference to the mood of the city when you play.


We're planning on using a similar approach for the citizens of the city.   Here's an image I mocked up for the design document and grant proposal earlier this year:It shows the slow progression from dull desaturated citizen hunched from the monotony of life under General Bauhaus to happy citizen cheered by his revitalized city into taking on the state.  This was a first take on the idea, rather then final artwork so it probably will go through some changes but it gets across the idea nicely.