Molly Run Animation WIP

molly run sw - on 6s

I finished roughing out Molly's run cycle and thought I'd share a few work in progress animated gifs. So here she is running south west. The various guidlines help me keep the issometric perspective streight and her stride consistent.  The numbers are for leg poses.  Red 3 and Green 3 are the same pose but flipped so the left and right leg are in opposite positions.  The running animation is using six frames per stride, twelve frames total.

molly running rotate

The flat Out of this World style shading is temporary. Previously I've worked with rough shaded versions of the fully shaded character but I'm finding this method much faster, it also lets me concentrate on the movement without worrying about small details.

I usually also  do a full rotation of the first pose. It helps ensure that when I start the animation for each direction I'm at least being roughly consistent.  I like that it looks like pixel art bullet time.