Mock-up of Final Screens!

Here's the mock-up art for the final version of Guerrilla Gardening. I've put bits and pieces of these up previously but this is the first time I'm showing the full screens. As you can see these are no small improvement over the prototype! To be clear these aren't  screenshots inside the game engine (at least not yet!), but they help Andrew and I figure out what features we'll need in the final tile engine and it gives me a visual goal for the rest of the art. It's also a damn good morale boost seeing how the final game should look!

Of course there will be changes and just how much variety we manage to pack in will depend on how much time I have to work on environmental art after the core animations and other essentials are finished. However, over all, this is what you can expect from the final game when it's complete!

These thumbnails are significantly shrunk down, I really recommend clicking through and looking at the full size images.

I mentioned this on twitter last week but I've also done a writeup on the fantastic Indiecade festival I attended last month for that you should check out.