Character Concepts:
The Minister of Truth & Entertainment
The Minister of Trade & Contraband

Here's yet another batch of Eric Kim's character sketches for the game. As before: rough drafts, probably will be changes, no names yet and not giving too much info to avoid spoilers. If you haven't seen the previous character art I posted:

I'm posting two more of General Bauhaus' ministers today and they're pretty much polar opposites. In fact I'm pretty sure they aren't going to get along very well...

The Minister of Truth and Entertainment

This one's a real favorite among us, I think it's the sparkly military outfit. He's in charge of both public surveillance (those obquitous CCTV cameras) and propaganda on state television.  Every weekend he runs a popular variety show that combines the two.  The things on his arms and shoulders are little camera bots.

The Minister of Trade and Contraband

This minister is in charge of policing the borders of the city and keeping 'dangerous illegal contraband' like plants and seeds from being smuggled in. To help him achieve this goal he's been put in charge of the police K9 unit and in truth cares more about his dogs then he does about border security.

While the Minister of Entertainment is all glitz and glamor this Minister sees himself as a bit of a rebel and dresses the part.

Without color it's difficult to tell, but each of the Ministers wears a variation of the same military jacket. We're also planning on giving them some similar insignia and the same basic color scheme, this will help unify their diverse character designs.  We could have given them all the exact same uniform and style but I think it's much more fun to go this rout and let them really stand out from each other.

I'm not entirely happy with his official title, it's not quite as amusing and self contradictory as most of the others so it'll probably get changed at some point.