Development Video #4 - Tactical Tree Drops!

This month's second video is all about 'tactical tree drops'  one of the first ideas I had when scribbling down the concept for the game in one of my sketchbooks.  I think this feature really captures the over the top take on guerrilla gardening I want the game to have. Needless to say I've been looking forward to being able to demo it for awhile.

So yes, you can radio in air support to drop a tree nearby, perfect for hiding from the cops.

This video is of our prototype and has a lot of quick rough art, if you're new to the blog you might want to check out my previous post, previewing what the final game should look like.

The next video may be a little late since I'm going to the Game Developers Conference next week. On that note, if you're an online distributor, publisher, press or the like and would like to meet, send me an email.  I'd be happy to demo the prototype for you!  (Same goes for fellow indie game folks of course!)