Molly's new look!


I've been working with comic artist Eric Kim on a final character design for Molly and here is the result! The pencils and inks are all his and I just went in and did some cleanup and the colouring. Eric is going to be creating portraits and possibly even  some comic book style cut scenes for important story scenes when we create the final version of the game.  So like the previous screen mockup this is a little sneak peak of what we're hoping to achieve in the final version.

I've been keeping all the sketches that lead up to this final design, and I'll post them up sometime in the future.

Back in the day Eric and I were both 3D artists at a visual effects studio working on some not so great films and doing mini-comics  on the side, so it was fun to get to work with him again.   If you dig this you should check out his blog and portfolio there's some fantastic stuff in both.  When he's not doing art for Guerrilla Gardening he's busy at work on the upcoming Billy Smoke graphic novel written by B. Clay Moore.