Buy on Steam

We’re participating in Indiependence Day, a collection of games that are holding a non-sale promotion to encourage folks to support indie developers and buy games at full price.

You can read more about it and see all the games participating here:

If you bought and enjoyed They Bleed Pixels or another game on this list at a discount we’d encourage you to buy a gift copy for a friend at full price if you can afford to.

We all love getting games at a discount so why is it important to buy full price when you can?  Because when prices get too low (as they are now) indie game development becomes unsustainable. That means less risks taken, less experimentation, less games that cater to a particular niche and less indie games in general.

You definitely won’t get big updates years after a game comes out like our recent Crimson Update for They Bleed Pixels

You may not even get those few rare big indie hits that make serious money! Many of the hit game you’ve played were not the first games made by those creators and they could only happen because their early games had some moderate success.

No one is making indie games because they want to strike it rich. Were doing this because we love games and we love making them. But we do need to make a working wage to keep doing what we do and making the games you love.

Big thanks to Dan Adelman for organizing this!


We're Back!

We're back to regularly updating the blog and as you'll notice all the previous post have returned. We're also proud to announce that Guerrilla Gardening has been selected  as recipient of the Ontario Media Developement Corporation: Screen-based Content Initiative (say that ten times fast) which will be providing much of the funding for our early prototype work!

As a small developer trying to  make the shift from contract work to independent projects like Guerrilla Gardening, I can't express how much this is going to help us.  It's fantastic that the province of Ontario is helping support not just Spooky Squid Games but several other small independent game developers at the early development stage, when it is especially difficult to get outside funding.

Anyway I know most of you are here to read about the game and not about the trials and tribulations of funding small game companies.  I'll be posting up an entry about the process of  designing the police sprites in a few minutes and should have the new development video online either tonight or sometime tomorrow depending on how long my 'post life drawing class' coffee buzz lasts.