We're on TV in France!


Guerrilla Gardening: Seeds of Revolution was on La Matinale, a French morning show last Monday!  We only have the sketchiest idea what they're saying since we're both terrible Canadians and neither of us are fluent in French.  I assume the bits where she's reading off paper are the interview questions they emailed me though.  Who knows!  I just get a kick out of hearing the name 'General Bauhaus' on TV. Go check it out and if you're more fluent we'd love to find out what they're saying.

This may actually be the second time we've been on TV in France, I had someone contact me for info last year, but never got a link to the show.

I've been doing a few interviews and the like in the last few months, here's a quick roundup:

Torontoist - 'Guerrilla Pixeling'

GOOD Magazine/Kill Screen - 'Guerrilla Gardening for Gamers'

Guest Appearanceon Level Fourtytwo's Talk is Cheap 4/12/10

UPDATE: Thanks to French game developer Shiftyweb (blog in French game portfolio in English) there's now  a quick and dirty translation in the comments.  Looks like the report was full of terrible puns and they misjudged Molly's age by a good chunk.  Still super cool to see the game in that context!