Final Running Animation for Molly


I posted some work in progress animations for Molly running earlier this month.  Now that she's done I'm posting up the final version.  As you can see, in addition to all the shading, I've added some secondary animations, her bouncing hair and bag. For anyone curious how much time goes into something like this I've put some numbers under the cut.

Number of Frames per Run: 12

Number of Directions:(we mirror her for the north east, east and south west, you'll see why in a moment)

Total Number of Individual Frames: 60! (Now you know why we just mirrored her!)

Total Time Spent: Roughly two weeks (I lost a good chunk of a day due to a dumb perspective error)

That seems acceptable to me for Molly since she's the player character.  I've noticed animation makes a really big difference to how a character feels to control, even if the code is identical.  Going the extra mile for her will pay off.

Still I have cops, male and female civilians and a few other units to animate, so I'm going to need to find some savings when I start doing more final animations. I'm pretty sure I can trim 2-4 frames per animation without loosing too much vitality.  If so I'll be able to do a characters full set of  run animations in around a week and half or less.

When I get to them I'll check back and we'll see how good that estimate was.