Toronto Indie Game Jam Arcade is Tonight!

Title Screen for Steam Ponk

If you live in the Toronto area and want to check out a bunch of neat indie games the TOJam Arcade is tonight!  As I've mentioned previously TOJam is an event where indie game developers, programmers, artists and musicians get together and try to make games in under three days.  I made a short video about it earlier this month.  The games are now finished (over 30 in total!) and the teams have had a chance to fix bugs and add a bit of polish and are presenting them to the public to play.  I collaborated with a great team of indie folks under the name "Invisible Ninja Squid" and both of our games will be playable at the arcade:

Flip the Beach a flash game that uses a fancy physics engine to combine pinball and tanks.

Steam-Ponk! A 2-player steampunk themed variant of pong for the Nintendo DS.

Directions and other info on the TOJam Arcade can be found on the TOJam webpage.