Russian Subway Dogs

Every morning dozens of stray dogs make the commute by train from the Moscow suburbs to the downtown core in search of food and fortune. 

You may have read about the clever strays of the Moscow subway system in the news, now you can experience a day in the life of one of these dogs! Russian Subway Dogs is a score attack arcade game where you play as a stray dog scavenging for food on the subway platforms of the Moscow metro. Sneak up behind unsuspecting commuters and scare up food or highly volatile vodka with a quick bark. Compete for sustenance against other subway wildlife including rival dogs, pigeons, and the rare and dangerous Subway Bear.

Russian subway dogs is a CAnine score attack arcade game for pc & mac coming to steam!


All screenshots represent work in progress and may change and be improved as we approach release! 


Russian Subway Dogs started as a Jam game created for the GDC Pirate Kart. That early rough version was well received with coverage on as well as several let’s plays in both English and Russian, and was even picked as an official selection for Fantastic Fest’s Fantastic Arcade.

Kickstarting a Full Version

We've been tweaking and improving RSD since releasing that early prototype. Now we’re ready to take it to the next level and will be Kickstarting a full commercial release with polished artwork and a ton of new content!

Original jam prototype created for the GDC Piratekart. So Primitive!

This version is only a rough sketch of the final game. Lots of improvements made since and more to come!
Requires Windows XP or better. Supports keyboards and gamepads.


What will you be adding for the commercial release?
We are working on a whole pack of improvements for the full release of Russian Subway Dogs, including:

  • Mission mode filled with unique challenges from your kitty comrade the Proletaricat! 
  • All-new art with improved animations.
  • New commuter, food and wildlife types including the fearsome Subway Bear!
  • Lavish backgrounds inspired by actual Moscow Metro stations.
  • A deep combo and scoring system full of secret bonuses to discover. 
  • Full Steam integration including online leaderboards and achievements. 
  • Silky-smooth 60 fps gameplay with pumped up physics. 
  • Cute dog hat! 

When is the Kickstarter?
We're working out the final details but expect to be live later this month (June 2016). 

Will there be a Mac or Linux versions?
There will be a Mac version for sure and we're looking into porting it to Linux as well. 

What about a Console Release?
Right now we're concentrating on making the Steam release the best it can be, but we do plan on porting to consoles and already have the basic gameplay running on a couple dev kits. So very likely!

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