They Bleed Pixels
A fast-paced, gothic, lo-fi, platforming beat'em up that drips, gushes and flows with pixelated blood. Buy it now on Steam!

Visit the They Bleed Pixels site for more info.

Guerrilla Gardening: Seeds of Revolution
Our largest most ambitious game! So ambitious in fact that it's currently on hold, but we hope to get back to it soon! It's a unique blend of stealth, free form puzzle solving and civil disobedience based on the guerrilla gardening street art movement. A military dictatorship has banned all the plant life in the city. Using a host of strange and beautiful plants you'll sneak past the cops, plant illegally on government propaganda and fill the citizens with cheerful insurrection. Finally a gardening game for anarchists!

Watch the Trailer
Then view updates, concept work and videos on the Guerrilla Gardening Development Blog!

The Night Balloonists
A 2-4 player one button game where balloons battle each other to collect pollen above a sea of ink.

Steampunky art nouveau inspired artwork meets accessible four player competitive gameplay!

Originally created for the GAMMA 4 One Button Game competition.

Freeware - Windows PC only
Cephalopods Co-op Cottage Defence
A 2-player co-op game set in the world of Night of the Cephalopods.

Lady Amber Pennyworth (scientist, suffragette, and researcher of the occult) and Winston Mainspring (her clockwork valet and lab assistant) have found their cottage lab besieged by foul eldritch octopi. Armed with only a hammer and a fowling shotgun filled with low grade birdshot they must defend the cottage for as long as they can. Team work is ESSENTIAL!

Webpage coming soon - till then download this (mostly complete) IGF submission build.

Freeware - Windows PC only

Night of the Cephalopods
A 16-bit style survival horror game with unique fully voice acted dynamic narration.

You're lost in the forest, besieged by supernatural squiddy things with only your shotgun and threadbare sanity to defend yourself. Explore the forest and survive till dawn.

Freeware - Windows PC only



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Nov 21st 2010: Minor tweeks and added the teaser trailer to our new projectThey Bleed Pixels .

March 4th 2010: Updated game pages to look nicer and link back to the games page more visibly. Added The Night Balloonists our one button GAMMA game.

Sept 28th 2009: Updated the main page with some spiffy new images and game descriptions, along with a section for the new co-op Cephalopods game: Cephalopods Co-op Cottage Defence.

April 20th 2009: We've been busy since the last update but most of the new content is over on the Guerrilla Gardening Development Blog, so why not go check it out?!

November 25th 2008: New version of Night of the Cephalopods released. Minor bug fix, no new content.

November 21st 2008: Video of Night of the Cephalopods added to its sub-page and we've added a mailing list for Spooky Squid Games. We will probably combine this with the Guerrilla Gardening mailing list in the near future to keep things simple.

November 17th 2008: New version of Night of the Cephalopods. Download and enjoy!

November 13th 2008: Updated a bunch of little things, but most important v0.6 of Night of the Cephalopods is out. go get it!

November 1st 2008: We're live. Not the prettiest site but the game info is up and available!

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